Bopp Extrusion Lamination Printing Inks

  • Description
    1. This ink is formulated for reverse printing by gravure system which further goes in extrusion lamination with PP on woven sacks

  • Print Process
    1. Gravure

  • Print Substrate
    1. Applicable on corona-treated (38-42 Dynes/cm) BOPP Film

  • Application
    1. Gravure reverse printing BOPP extrusion lamination Inks Use:
    2. Rice, Wheat & Pulses Bags
      Spices, Salt & Suger Bags
      Fertilizer & Agriculture Bags
      Powder & granules Bags
      Animal & pet Food Bags

  • Lamination
    1. PP Extrusion lamination between printed BOPP and PP woven fabric

Solvent System
Normal Tolune:Ethyl Acetate- 50:50
Fast Ethyl Acetate
Retarder MIBK (As required)

Key Features

    Extremely high bond strength on PP extrusion lamination
    Excellent printability resulting in clean and sharp images.
    Low solvent retention/ low odor
    Extremely stable and excellent reusability
    Excellent half tone reproduction
    Suitable for speed from 100 M/M to 350 M/M
    Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level

Inks For Special Application

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Gravure/Flexo HR Foil & Paper

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