Gravure/Flexo Ploy Surface Printing Inks

  • Description
    1. Polyamide based ink suitable for printing on various films

  • Print Process
    1. Gravure and Flexography

  • Print Substrate
    1. Can be printed on all types of Treated PP and PE (minimum treatment level 38 dynes/cm), metalized PVC/BOPP/ PET/CPP, Pearlized BOPP

  • Application
    1. Shopping bags, twist wrappers, Rusk/ bread packaging

Solvent System
Normal IPA:N-Butanol(NBA)- 80:20
Retarder N-Butanol (as required)

Key Features

    Good flow of ink
    Excellent gloss
    Excellent blocking resistance
    Excellent dry rub resistance
    Suitable for speed from 40 M/M to 120 M/M
    Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level.


    Depending on printing conditions, the following solvents may be used as retarder or accelerator.
  • Accelerator: IPA / Ethyl Alcohol
  • Medium: Toluene(For Gravure only),N Propyl Alcohol
  • Retarder: N-Butanol / Methoxy Propanol

Inks For Special Application

Gravure/Flexo Non-Woven

Printing Ink

Flexo Malti Purpose Label

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo HR Foil & Paper

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo Deep Freez

Printing Ink