Gravure Polyester Lamination Inks

  • Description
    1. This ink is formulated for reverse printing by gravure system which further goes in lamination with solvent base or solvent less adhesive. Vinyl based resin system suitable for various flexible films.

  • Print Process
    1. Gravure

  • Print Substrate
    1. Plain Polyester, Corona treated Polyester (48-52 dynes/cm), chemically coated Polyester, treated BOPP (38-42 dynes/cm). Consult our technical team before printing on BOPP

  • Application
    1. Flexible packaging for confectionary and general purpose product pouches. Lamination bonds are dependent on substrate type and quality, adhesive type and film weight applied.

  • Lamination
    1. Suitable for solvent-based and solventless lamination.

Solvent System
Normal Toluene:Ethyl Acetate- 50:50
Halftone Printing Tolune:Ethyl Acetate:MIBK- 40:40:20
Retarder MIBK upto 10%

Key Features

    Excellent printability resulting in clean and sharp images
    Low solvent retention/ low odour
    Low solvent retention/ low odor
    Suitable for food packaging (External Packaging only)
    High bond strength
    Extremely stable and excellent reusability
    Excellent half tone reproduction
    Suitable for speed from 100 M/M to 220 M/M
    Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level.

Inks For Special Application

Gravure/Flexo Non-Woven

Printing Ink

Flexo Malti Purpose Label

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo HR Foil & Paper

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo Deep Freez

Printing Ink