HDPE & PP Woven Sack Printing Inks

  • Description
    1. For Surface printed application on treated or non-treated HDPE/PP fabric. Printing can be done on both multicolor manual or online continuous printing machines

  • Print Process
    1. Flexography

  • Print Substrate
    1. Untreated & Treated HDPE/PP fabric and PP laminated bags.

  • Application
    1. Flexo Surface printing HDPE &PP roll to roll & Bag to Bag printing Inks Use :
    2. Fertilizer & Agriculture Bags
      Suger & Salt Bags
      Cement, Wall Putty Bags
      Flour, Food, Seeds, Animal & pets food bags Powder & granules Bags

Solvent System
Normal Rec’ reducer of SKY INX
Retarder Rec’ reducer of SKY INX
Manual hand fed speed 40 bags/min
Online speed 120 miter/min

Key Features

    Good printability and re-solubility of inks
    High color strength inks
    Good nail and scuff resistance
    Excellent adhesion on fabric (given that drying of ink is sufficient)
    No damage by reducer to rollers and stereo during printing
    Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level


    For better coverage, kindly reduce the ink with our reducer in the ratio of 1:2
    Premixing of ink and reducer is important for better performance
    Drying of ink with halogen lamps or heaters is necessary for best adhesion
    Do not keep ink or reducer in open after usage

Inks For Special Application

Gravure/Flexo Non-Woven

Printing Ink

Flexo Malti Purpose Label

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo HR Foil & Paper

Printing Ink

Gravure/Flexo Deep Freez

Printing Ink